Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome to the Neighborhood

10 years ago I lamented the fact that finding excellent micro-roasted coffee in NYC took a lot of work, especially in my Greenwich Village neighborhood. Now I'm surrounded by a great selection of quality roasters and brewers. The latest to open in the hood is Roasting Plant. Check out their site to view their impressive operation -- roasting, grinding and brewing right in front of you in thier store.

I ran into the owner, Mike Caswell, a few weeks back when I dropped by to purchase some green coffee. I think I may be the only home roaster in the neighborhood because my presence in front of the green beans quickly lead to a conversation with Mike about the best way to use my iRoast and some recommendations on what to roast. He steered me toward their fair trade Silewesi, for which I was truely appreciative. Makes a great cup especially on days when I'm craving a nice hot cup with chocolate notes. Thanks Mike!

Best of all, they have wi-fi and they are open 24x7. My wife and my daughter now know where to find me when I'm missing along with the laptop.

Keep up the good work Roasting Plant!

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