Saturday, January 24, 2009

Information Means They Care

I've been buying from Gimme! Coffee for a while now and following the gang through their blog and their Twitter updates. I recently bought a pound of their Brazil Sao Joao Estate which was like a cup of peanut buttery goodness. I went on their site to see if there was more information on this coffee and of course, their site posts not only a desription of the coffee but full details on its origin. By details, I mean full details, including the estate's location and sustainability practices.

Just last week I posted on "From Soil to Cup: What's in Your Coffee?" This is exactly what I was talking about. Thank you Gimme! You're spot on.

If the place you buy your coffee doesn't have this type of information available (either online or in their store) they probably don't know much (or appreciate much) about where their beans really comes from. You might want to consider finding someone who does.

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