Sunday, March 22, 2009

Be Patient with Your Drip -- Please!

Dear bakery shop attendant:

When pouring my cup of coffee, please be patient and wait for the full pot of coffee you are preparing to finish brewing. You may be surprised to know that putting my cup directly underneath the drip as soon as the coffee starts to brew, means you are filling my cup with coffee brewed from all the grounds that are in your filter. In other words, you are pouring me super-concentrated coffee! If your pot holds 20 cups of coffee, you have just handed me a cup brewed from the same amount of grounds meant to brew all 20 cups.

Yes, that's right, when the coffee first starts to pour from the machine, it's stronger than at the end of the brew. That's because all the grounds are typically soaked before the coffee begins to pour through the filter. So the coffee in the beginning will be much stronger than the coffee at the end of the brew. When it all ends up in the same pot, these different strengths will even each other out. But that does not work when you stick my cup directly under the drip in the beginning of the brew.

In addition, please don't be surprised when you do this and I then refuse to pay $2.00 for your crappy French Roast Sumatra which I should have known better than to order anyway.

Thank you for your attention.

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