Sunday, March 15, 2009

Exploring the Coffee Trade

I finally got around to seeing Black Gold, a fabulous documentary from 2006 about the coffee trade. This is a movie that I should have seen a long time ago and I'm ashamed to say it took me two years to get around to seeing it.

If you drink coffee, you must see this movie. The link to the trailer is below. There are links to view the full movie on the web site. It's also available on YouTube. And if you want to go the DVD route you can check it out on Netflix.

For more discussion on the topics covered in the film, such as fair trade certifications, coffee cooperatives and the view of coffee industry leaders on the movie, be sure to check out the forum on the movie web site.

In the spirit of the movie, I also began reading God in a Cup by Michaele Weissman. For some reason, I have heard nothing about this book. I found it hidden in the cookbook isle at Barnes & Noble. This book explores direct trade with Counter Culture's Peter Guiliano, Intelligentsia's Geoff Watts and Stumptown's Duane Sorenson. I've just gotten started and am really looking forward to this book. Check out the author's site for more information on the book and her blog.

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