Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coffee Llama Trek: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Trying something a little new on my blog today: a coffee llama trek through Williamsburg, Brooklyn to check out all the new shops that have popped up there. I could easily call it a coffee crawl but I won't because it doesn't involve the word llama. (In case you were wondering, there is indeed something called a llama trek. Just Google "llama trekking" to find out more.)

Unfortunately, we don't have easy access to any live llamas to bring along on this trip, but I will be armed with my new llama tattoo so that will make it feel official.

I'm hoping to check out the following three spots today:
But who knows where the caffeine will take us. If you're familiar with the area and have other suggestions, let me know.

Follow along on my Twitter stream to hear all about the latest and greatest. I'll follow up tomorrow with the results and hopefully some good pics.

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