Sunday, May 24, 2009

Llama Trek Results

Been away for far too long. Here's an overdue follow up on my coffee llama trek through Williamsburg. We didn't make it to all the shops originally planned but we managed to hit three great shops in the neighborhood:
We missed Second Stop Cafe but I'm sure I'll make it back in the near future. I also found a flyer for Lucky Shot Espresso which sells Stumptown like Variety Coffee. I miss having Stumptown available at Ninth Street Espresso, which has switched to Intelligentsia. (Of course I love Intelligentsia but I can get their coffee in a number of places across the Village and Ninth Street was the only place I could find Stumptown.)

As evidenced by my Twitter updates posted below, we also managed to hit a couple bars along the way. It was hard to stay away! There are so many great placed in the 'hood. They kept calling to us. Especially the Wostyntje Torhouts Mustard Ale at Oak Cafe.

Besides continuing to appreciate all the experiences Williamsburg has to offer, I think the key impression I took away from this trip was that there are so many great places to get coffee in New York. As short as five years ago, I could never have arranged a trek with so many great coffee stops in one neighborhood. There would have been a lot more subway stops involved. Just goes to show that there has certainly been a specialty coffee explosion in NYC.

Twitter Updates during the trek:

Starting up at Beaner Bar. Faz Kaquend Brazil Cup of Excellence. Drinking it up while I have a chance. #coffee

Beaner Bar advertises itself as the first Euro-style Mexican coffee bar. And that's exactly what it's like. Fun place! #coffee

Tamales with red and green sauce at Beaner Bar. Great stuff but I should have finished my cup of coffee before having all the spice.

Rudy at Beaner Bar is awesome friendly and brings great energy to the place. Off we go to our next joint. #coffee

Made it to Vaeiety. Enjoying Kenya Ngunguru by Counter Culture. No choice on the coffee avaiable but its press pot. #coffee

Correction. Coffee at Variety is from Stumptown. The caffeine must be getting to my head. But we've got higher to go with stops ahead.

A strange beer vortex opened up in the middle of the street and sucked us in. Oak Cafe drinking Wostyntje Torhouts Mustard Ale from Belgium.

Made it to El Biet on Bedford. Enjoying Tanzania Karmaro on Clover roasted by 49th Parallel. Been waiting for 2nd cup of this for weeks
Fending off hunger with a visit to the taco truck on Bedford. Pork and fish tacos... Yum.

Ending our tour at Spuyten Duyvil with some good Belgian Beer to bring us back down. Haven't been here in years which is quite a shame.

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